Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Seasonal Skinny: Weekend in Vegas!

It's June, the season of weddings and matrimony, and love is in the air!!...that is, until your groom-to-be starts having second thoughts and suggests some "prenuptial" arrangements before the big day.  Well, if that's the case...a little weekend getaway is in order!  So call your friends and turn that bachelorette party into a "F@ck Prenup!" party in Vegas! 

Anything goes on "The Strip", especially when it comes to the Vegas couture of fun and flashy accessories!  For all you pre-wedding SRBs (especially those who may be rethinking the idea of "til death do us part"), call attention with a "F#ck Prenup" SRB tank paired with thigh-high Chloe Belt boots and a Jimmy Choo-inspired turquoise Ramona Tote (where you can stash all your winnings).  Bring Vegas to the desert with an optically-stirring sequin mini skirt, along with a touch of the desert night to Vegas with cool, blue colors of turquoise stones and aquatic gem jewelry.

Remember, anything goes in Vegas!  You never know what may happen, or who you'll meet :)  So shake off that "prenup" stress, drink a mind-erasing cocktail and have a fabulous (and memorable) summer!  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kathy Griffin: D-List SRB

Kathy Griffin's ode to Madonna...
What's just over five feet tall with fiery red hair and ZERO verbal filter?  It's our SRB of the month, Kathy Griffin!

It goes without saying that Kathy has evolved into a hero among SRBs (with the inclusion of wannabe, D-List dwelling SRBs in the making).  Heavily influenced by one of our past SRBs of the Month, Joan Rivers, Kathy has established her own unyielding feminine presence throughout the world of comedy, mixing wicked, unabashed humor with a sense of endearing, self-deprecating (yet self-aggrandizing) anti-heroism. 

Born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1960, Kathy was the youngest of five children...hence, the demand for attention.  As the daughter of first generation Irish-Americans (one parent being her hysterical, box-o-wine-toting mother, Maggie), Kathy has grown to become a voice for the the feisty underdog who thrives to challenge the habits of social graces and stereotype.  Basically, the bitch does and says whatever the f#@! she wants.

Kathy has become an icon of the reality-TV generation, succeeding to draw attention to her self-appointed "D-List" status that was earned by decades of bit parts and sporadic appearances in television (remember that Seinfeld episode....remember??), film (yes, she was in Pulp Fiction...) and throughout the stand-up comedy circuit.  She solidified her celebrity status with her Bravo reality series, "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List", which won the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Series in 2005 (where in her acceptance speech, she famously expressed that "suck it, Jesus", refusing to thank Him the way so many of her peers often do).

We love you, Kathy Griffin!  We would be a part of your entourage any day :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

The SRB's Tax Refund Wish List!

It's that time of year, so start making your Wish Lists!

No, no...not the list that comes around during the holiday season...

I'm referring to the "Post-Tax Season" Wish List: the list of all the wonderful things you can get with that anticipated tax refund!  You've survived the dreaded tax season, so why not reward yourself with a well-deserved gift at the courtesy of Uncle Sam!?

Here are a few useful suggestions any SRB could use...

Enhance your Wardrobe with Head-Turning Attire

The SRB "I"m Always on the List" Tank

Make a Scene with an Amazing Pair of Shoes

Alexander McQueen Cap-Toe Plexiglas-Heel Platform Pump

Add Jaw-Dropping Jewels to Your Accessories

Kate Spade New York Drop Box Earrings

Take an Inspiring Getaway

 Who could resist the beautiful Palm Springs desert?

Start an Art Collection
(that is, if Uncle Sam is REALLY good to you...)

Ted Noten's Superbitch Bag 2000 Sculpture

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Perfect Tank

Ah, to create the perfect tank easy task for any designer, one would think.  Well, dear readers, I am one designer here to tell you that such a pursuit is far from easy…however, not impossible.  
Just to be clear, I’m not talking about creating just any tank top…I’m talking about creating THE PERFECT tank top: a ready-made design of the highest quality that makes you feel amazing and is a long-lasting staple within your wardrobe.  Like I’ve always said, to be a “Skinny Rich Bitch”, you don’t have to be skinny, rich or a bitch to acquire the title.  However, if you are a true SRB…you know a high-end tank top when you see one.  That is one of many things you cannot fake (right, ladies?).  

When I launched the Skinny Rich Bitch brand, my goal was not just to create bold, room-stopping statements on classic white tees, but to print the SRB brand on the best fabric I could get my hands on.  Believe me, you can’t print “Fresh from Rehab” on starchy, cheap cotton and expect success.  Any SRB wouldn’t be caught dead!

Now, think about your favorite tank top: what is it about that particular piece of clothing that makes you love it so much?  Is it how it hangs and shapes on your body, making everything look like it’s in the right place?  Is it the sturdy yet soft, silken fibers?  Is it because it’s timeless and versatile, a fashionable chameleon for any occasion?  Or is it because it never takes up shelf space in your closet since it’s too busy being fabulously draped over you body, never looking worn or out of style? 

For me, all of those reasons were what fueled my search to finding the perfect high-end tank.

Well, my search involved a long six-months filled with headaches and heartaches, yet fortunately leading me directly down a clear path to the “holy grail” of SRB Tanks (which turned out to be closer to home then I expected).  It was an experience where I learned one among many things: when you are searching FAR and WIDE for something, always remember to look at what you have right in front of you.  There’s a good chance you’ll find it there. 

Stay tuned for the continuation of “The Search for The Perfect Tank” 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Seasonal Skinny: An Unforgettable First Impression

Let's face it...preparing for a job interview is awful.  What to wear, what to say, remembering what you lied about on your resume...its exhausting!  

However, whether you have the job in the bag or you know its just not going to happen, you might as well make a lasting impression and have some fun with it! (PLEASE NOTE: The following advice may not be suited for certain professionals seeking, paralegals and financial advisers, I'm referring to you.)

It goes without saying that the job market has been pretty challenging over the last few years, making it nearly impossible to find the perfect gig.  With such heightened competition, even the most enthusiastic, job-seeking SRB is forced to get creative with a first impression a prospective employer will never forget! 

First off, make sure that it's clearly communicated that you are one connected SRB, which will be dually noted when wearing your SRB "Socialite" tank (which is even more empowering when paired with a fitted blazer or a feminine tuxedo jacket).  Bauble up your ensemble with popping accents of ruby red stones (real or fake...if you nailed your entrance, NO ONE's gonna ask) paired with the striking, Moulin Rouge-red platform heels and matching clutch.  

Now, for the sake of your interviewer, its good to keep a level of focus.  To prevent your potential boss from becoming transfixed by your accessories, soften the ensemble with sleek, charcoal grey dress pants. 

Happy job hunting!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker: The "Sex" and The Fashion

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the "Fashion is not a Luxury" Tee from her clothing line, Bitten

This spring, we pay tribute to the adorable (yet stylishly fierce) Sarah Jessica Parker as our SRB of the Month!

SJP has proven to be one of the most influential style icons of the early new millennium.  With her unconventional beauty and girlish charisma, the actress and producer has proven that women of all ages can exude a number of fearless, feminine qualities: strength, wit, unabashed sexuality, humble graciousness and timeless elegance.

Since her portrayal of "Carrie Bradshaw" in the groundbreaking HBO series, Sex and the City, the voice of SJP still echoes in the minds of most women when faced with any personal dilemma, from trivial (What do I wear??) to life-altering (Is he the one??).   Picking up where such female pioneers in television like That Girl, Mary Tyler Moore and Murphy Brown left off, the character of "Carrie" intimately identified with women's enduring desire to "have it all"-the job, the man, the family-while maintaining their independence and never compromising their sense of self.

Looking back on SJP's past, the actress has led a phenomenal life and career, proving to be somewhat of a true Cinderella-story.  As a child of humble beginnings, SJP was one of eight children (that's right...eight!), born in Nelsonville, OH.  Growing up just outside of Cincinnati, SJP went on to train as a dancer and performer at Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts.  After moving on to New York City to train at the School of American Ballet, SJP was cast in the lead role of Annie on Broadway, the most coveted role for all child actresses throughout the Broadway theater community. 

SJP's career as a teen actress in the 1980s steadily went on, where she portrayed the "ugly ducking" in the television series Square Pegs (1982) to the "blossoming swan" in a few dance-inspired '80s classics like Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1984) and Footloose (1984).  Her career as an adult actress took off after she was cast in Steve Martin's comedic film, L.A. Story (1990), debuting SJP's indelible energy, comedic timing and unconventional, stylish aesthetic.  In the 1990s, SJP's career continued to grow with a series of successful theatrical films including Hocus Pocus (1993), Honeymoon in Vegas (1992), Ed Wood (1994), Miami Rhapsody (1995)The First Wives Club (1996) and Mars Attacks (1996).

In 1997 (a year before taking on the role of "Carrie Bradshaw"), SJP married fellow actor Matthew Broderick in New York City (just after they had worked together in the Broadway show, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying in 1995).  The couple went on to have a son, James Wilke in 2002 and twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha, in 2009 (the twins were born through a surrogate).

When her seven year, Emmy-winning run on Sex and the City came to a close in 2004, SJP became an ongoing influence throughout the fashion industry as well as acting as a spokeswoman for such brands as Garnier and Gap.   In 2007, SJP partnered with the clothing store franchise Steve & Barry's to launch her own clothing line, Bitten.  SJP also remains to be an active member of the Hollywood's Women's Political Committee.  Long and short of it, SJP is one busy SRB! 

SJP: you are an enduring inspirations to all us SRB's out there, just looking to have it all!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

Do you know what day it is?'s International Women's Day, bitches!!

It's a day that represents the beauty and fierce ambition of our population's more feminine fifty percent, celebrating the strength, inspiration and evolving empowerment of women from all over the world.  

To learn more about the history, mission and importance of International Women's Day 2013, visit 

Have a wonderful day, ladies!  You've earned it!