Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Seasonal Skinny: An Unforgettable First Impression

Let's face it...preparing for a job interview is awful.  What to wear, what to say, remembering what you lied about on your resume...its exhausting!  

However, whether you have the job in the bag or you know its just not going to happen, you might as well make a lasting impression and have some fun with it! (PLEASE NOTE: The following advice may not be suited for certain professionals seeking work...accountants, paralegals and financial advisers, I'm referring to you.)

It goes without saying that the job market has been pretty challenging over the last few years, making it nearly impossible to find the perfect gig.  With such heightened competition, even the most enthusiastic, job-seeking SRB is forced to get creative with a first impression a prospective employer will never forget! 

First off, make sure that it's clearly communicated that you are one connected SRB, which will be dually noted when wearing your SRB "Socialite" tank (which is even more empowering when paired with a fitted blazer or a feminine tuxedo jacket).  Bauble up your ensemble with popping accents of ruby red stones (real or fake...if you nailed your entrance, NO ONE's gonna ask) paired with the striking, Moulin Rouge-red platform heels and matching clutch.  

Now, for the sake of your interviewer, its good to keep a level of focus.  To prevent your potential boss from becoming transfixed by your accessories, soften the ensemble with sleek, charcoal grey dress pants. 

Happy job hunting!

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