Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kathy Griffin: D-List SRB

Kathy Griffin's ode to Madonna...
What's just over five feet tall with fiery red hair and ZERO verbal filter?  It's our SRB of the month, Kathy Griffin!

It goes without saying that Kathy has evolved into a hero among SRBs (with the inclusion of wannabe, D-List dwelling SRBs in the making).  Heavily influenced by one of our past SRBs of the Month, Joan Rivers, Kathy has established her own unyielding feminine presence throughout the world of comedy, mixing wicked, unabashed humor with a sense of endearing, self-deprecating (yet self-aggrandizing) anti-heroism. 

Born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1960, Kathy was the youngest of five children...hence, the demand for attention.  As the daughter of first generation Irish-Americans (one parent being her hysterical, box-o-wine-toting mother, Maggie), Kathy has grown to become a voice for the the feisty underdog who thrives to challenge the habits of social graces and stereotype.  Basically, the bitch does and says whatever the f#@! she wants.

Kathy has become an icon of the reality-TV generation, succeeding to draw attention to her self-appointed "D-List" status that was earned by decades of bit parts and sporadic appearances in television (remember that Seinfeld episode....remember??), film (yes, she was in Pulp Fiction...) and throughout the stand-up comedy circuit.  She solidified her celebrity status with her Bravo reality series, "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List", which won the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Series in 2005 (where in her acceptance speech, she famously expressed that "suck it, Jesus", refusing to thank Him the way so many of her peers often do).

We love you, Kathy Griffin!  We would be a part of your entourage any day :)