Monday, February 11, 2013

The SRB's Guide to Love

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A Skinny Rich Bitch doesn't waste any time when it comes to finding love.  Just like every obstacle or challenge that falls in her path, a SRB knows what she wants and knows when to make her move!

When it comes to finding love on Valentine's Day, forget the flowers, the romantic dinners and those stupid candied hearts!  It takes a little more to get to the heart of a real SRB. 

From one SRB to another, here are a few secret tips to finding the perfect man:

WARNING!  These are not "strict" guidelines and of course should be applied with caution and on a case by case basis :)

1. First and foremost: when it comes to finding love, love yourself first...otherwise, no one is going to be having any fun...

2.  Find a man who compliments your sense of style and confidence.   To be clear, the phrase is "COMPLIMENTS your style", not "COMPETES with your style".  All you need is for your mate to be raiding your closet and hijacking your look. 

3. Find a man that supports your occasional decision to do a little cosmetic tweaking here and there (i.e. a little botox, a shave off the ol' schnoz...), however knows to NEVER SUGGEST IT!

4. Find a man that is not intimidated by a financially independent and successful bitch!

5.  Find a man that enjoys the finer things in life and never apologizes for it.  

6.  Find a man that NEVER uses the phrase "Bros before hos!" 

7.  Find a man without baggage.  However, if he has a crazy ex...that's fine, as long as she doesn't know your name...or where you live...

8.  Find a man that likes to keep things spontaneous but doesn't keep you guessing (that s#@* can make a bitch crazy). 

9. Find a man that takes care of himself and, as a result, always looks good. 

10.  Find a man that thinks your SRB "Genetically Fortunate" tank top is ADORABLE!

To all you SRB's in love: don't hesitate to add any of your own tips to our list!

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